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BIZEN Ware Candle Holder

This is a Bizen ware candle holder, one of our popular items among our Bizen ware collections. Look at the beautiful cut on the surface. Each hand cut involves the artisan’s painstaking process.

We received an order from a lady in the U.S. Her brother is working in the U.S. navy in Japan and she wanted to send him the candle holder as a Christmas gift. In the U.S., Christmas is one of the biggest family events and people enjoy exchanging gifts with family, friends and business customers, etc. The tradition is similar to “Ochugen” (summer gifts) and “Oseibo” (year-end gifts) customs in Japan. From my experience, I would say a Christmas gift is the most important part especially for kids.

When I was preparing to ship the candle holder, I felt very warm thinking about her feelings for her dearest brother who works away from his family. I was so happy that she chose our product as a gift for someone important. She said her brother will have another year of service in Japan.

I hope the candle lightens up his room and his heart, helping him remember his family who cares about him

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