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Gift received from Our Customer in Switzerland

We would like to share the photos and feedback from our customer in Switzerland who purchased our IGUSA placemats for his family and his friends as Christmas gifts. The photo below is from their New Year’s traditional dinner party featuring “cheese fondue”.

They loved our products and their great feedback meant a lot to us. Since I had a vivid déjà vu of my grandma working hard to make the IGUSA products (See our previous blog for more stories) during my first visit to the IGUSA manufacture, I have been dreaming of the moment that our IGUSA products enhance the dining experience of people around the world.

Here is the beautiful story of our customer.

“The cheese fondue is mostly eaten in winter and a nice dish when celebrating because everybody is eating from the same pot. The first time I bought igusa placemats was more by chance. It reminded me of the mats that we used at the beach when I was a kid, especially because of the typical odor when they are wet. So those placemats were somehow positively connoted for me. It is only after using them for a while that I noticed all their other advantages. They don’t get stains like the cotton-placemats that need to be washed all the time. They have a nice touch because it is a natural product unlike all the plastic ones but are also smooth as opposed to other straw-mats I know. And since I have my wooden table I appreciated the fact that they are not letting any water through so easily. And obviously, they are very durable: when I had to replace them after many years of intensive use, I couldn’t buy them anymore. They seem to have disappeared from all stores. My last hope was to find them in some online store, but I noticed that I didn’t even know what they were made of exactly. So I couldn’t find any replacement. This until some Japan-affine kind came to my place and said that my placemats were like tatamis. From this point on, it was easy to find the name of the material, and searching for igusa led me to your website. I almost couldn’t believe that I finally found some placemats to replace my old ones. And even better, I could replace the simplistic ones I had by some very beautiful hand-crafted traditional ones from Japan! Thank you so much for sending those beautiful products around the world!”

Michael, thank you very much for sharing your story with us. We hope our IGUSA products will continue to be great dining company!

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