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Preparation for Japanese New Year, "Oshogatsu": "Okazari" with KURASHIKI TAPE

I made an “Okazari” wreath for the first time. “Okazari” is a Japanese New Year’s decoration generally made of a rope of straw and is hung on doors during the New Year holiday. We believe it serves as a charm against evil spirits. “Oshogatsu” was originally a festival to welcome a Shinto god, and to pray for a rich harvest for the year. Hanging “Okazari” originates from Shinto tradition.

The colorful fabric tape wrapped around my wreath is called “Tatami hem” which was originally created to decorate the edge of a Japanese traditional Tatami floor mat. Most of the hems in Japan are produced in my hometown, Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, where the textile industry has existed since the Edo period. In ancient times, the colors and patterns of the hem were strictly designated by the social status of the people who used the Tatami mats. There are so many designs of Tatami hem but according to the change in our lifestyles, the demand for Tatami and hems have decreased.

I met the artisan, Mr. Okuno who makes the decorative tape, KURASHIKI TAPE in Kojima and visited his factory recently. He is the 3rd generation of the Maursei Tape Company (Marusei Orimono), which was established in 1959. The more I learn about how colorful and beautiful KURASHIKI TAPE is, the more I get inspired with new product ideas. KURASHIKI TAPE is a beautiful fabric tape with infinite applications and we are honored to work with them to deliver their beautiful products overseas. More details about KURASHIKI TAPE TM will be posted on our website soon.

Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support!

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