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Kurashiki Ribbon
Kurashiki Ribbon, Japanese handmade material
Kojima, Kurashiki Okayama
Born in the textile town, KOJIMA
Kurashiki Ribbon was developed and made by Marusei Orimono in Kurashiki Kojima, known as "a textile town". It was originally created to decorate and protect the edge of a Japanese Tatami floor mat. Its historical background, hundreds of sophisticated designs and durability has been inspiring avid crafters and artists to produce unique products.
History of Marusei Orimono
Marusei Orimono started the business in Kojima, Kurashiki in 1959. Originated from a long cotton cultivation history, Kojima has an active textile industry producing school uniforms, denim and "Hampu" (canvas) in addition to tatami tapes. With great care, Marusei Orimono has been handing down its weaving technologies from generation to generation for 60 years. 
marusei factory
marusei factory photo
tatami tape weaving
Kurashiki RIbbons for Creative MInds
Chopstick rest
kurashiki ribbon, Japanese textile
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