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Japanese placemats


Igusa weaving machine
Igusa Rush Grass products from Kurashiki, Japan have a very long history.  


The origin of grass goods dates back 1,800 years. During his journey through Kurashiki region, the 14th Emperor Chūai (仲哀天皇 Chūai-tennō 149-200) was attracted to beautiful rush grass growing in the area.  He requested for a woven mat be made out of the material and became fond of the texture and quality.  For centuries, Kurashiki Igusa was exclusively provided to the nobility.


The Kurashiki area is known as the home of premium woven igusa products.  Later on, Japanese people developed the tatami mat using the Igusa surface. 


Momono Trading's Igusa Rush Grass products are traditionally produced by Imayoshi Shoten in Kurashiki using a 100-year-old weaving machine that heavily requires skilled handwork.  Imayoshi started its operation in 1897.   Mr. Masayuki Imayoshi is the 4th generation of artisan to produce woven Igusa products and one of the few remaining artisans who knows the traditional production method.

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